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Since the formal release of HART program in 2008, the HART group has been engaged in several research collaborations among the medical physics and radiation oncology communities. Interested medical professionals, clinical researchers, and other health institutions are strongly encouraged to contact us for the collaborations in diagnostic medical imaging and radiation oncology physics research, and several clinical trial studies in diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Listed below are the detailed information of some of our participating institutions, current research projects and its status.

 Principal collaborators:

 Primary research projects:

    Name and Institution   
 Research Projects 
   Current Status 
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        Ganesh Narayanasamy, PhD,
Department of Radiation Oncology,
University of Texas Health Science Center,
San-Antonio, Texas, USA.

To study the application of MRI/CT dual imaging modality in the tomotherapy of the prostate cancer using the HART program.

Evaluation of the Simultaneously Integrated Boost (SIB)Treatments of Head and Neck Cancer using the Empirical Biological Modeling in HART program.



   On Progress

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    On Progress. 

     Research Publications

   AAPM 2013 Conference
Paper Presentation

   AAPM 2014 Conference
Paper Presentation

            Ian Bacchus, PhD,
Department of Radiation Oncology,
Northwestern University Memorial Hospital,
Chicago, IL, USA.

To study the impact of sequential intensity modulated radiation therapy in the swallowing physiology of a large number of head and neck cancer patients using the HART program.

     01/05/12      On Progress
   NIH Funded Swallowing 
Physiology Study

         Sunyoung Jang,PhD,
   Princeton Radiation Oncology,

To investigate the radiobiological outcomes of the sequential IMRT boost (SqIB) and simultaneous integrated boost (SIB; Dose Painting) techniques for radiotherapy treatment of head and neck cancer.

A Study of Sequential and Simultaneously Integrated Boost IMRT Treatment Methods in Head and Neck Cancer.


    Accepted !

    Accepted !
   ASTRO 2012 conference 
Paper Presentation

AAPM 2013 conference
Paper Presentation


         Suresh Rana,MS,
   Arizona Center for Cancer Care,

To analyse the dose-volume histogram statistics and radiobiological outcomes of the rapid arc IMRT treatment plans designed in the treatment of prostate cancer patients using various types of dose-calculation algorithms in HART program.

   03/15/2012      Expired.

Research Publication

           Steve Hadley,MS,
   Medical Physics Department,
James Cook University Hospital,

Ranking of several types of the advanced RTOG / DICOM-RT radiation therapy treatment plans designed in various types of commercial treatment planning systems using universal-plan indices set in the HART program.

   04/20/2012      On Progress      
  Clinical Support Application

          Terence Sio,MD,
  Department of Radiation Oncology,
Mayo Clinic,Rochester,MN.

To study the efficacy of IMRT and IGRT techniques in treatment of head and neck cancer patients using the radiobiological modeling in HART program.


    On Progress

Research Publication

      Angelica Perez-Andujar, PhD,
   Department of Radiation Oncology,
University of California San-Francisco,
       San Francosco,CA.

To study the therapeutic outcomes of the Cyber Knife, Gamma Knife, SRS, and SBRT techniques in treatment of brain and spine tumors, head and neck and lung cancer patients using the multi-dimensional DVH statistics analysis capability in the HART program.

   08/20/2012      On Progress

Research publications

           Chuan Wu, PhD,
      Radiation Oncology Center,
Radiological Associate of Sacramento,

To perform Quality Assurance of several types of radiation therapy treatment planning systems using the efficient DVH computational software system (HART).

   01/15/2013      On progress

Clinical Support Application

           Alex Nguyen, PhD,
    Department of Radiation Oncology,
University of Mississippi Medical Center,

To perform in-depth evaluation and benchmarking of advanced treatment plans designed in Pinnacle 9.2 and Brachyvision 10.1 radiotherapy treatment planning systems respect to DVH accuracy verification modules using the HART program.

   06/02/2013      On Progress!

AAPM Meeting 2013/2014 :
Research Publication
and Presentation.

       Varatharaj Chandraraj, PhD,
  Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology,
Centre for Cancer Research and Treatment,

To pursue a long-term follow up study of the Simultaneous IMRT Boost (SIB) treatments of head and neck cancer using the universal plan-indices evaluation and empirical radiobiological modeling in HART program.

   07/06/2013      On Progress

Peer-Reviewed Journals
Articles Research Publication
and Presentation.

       Subas Pandit, MD,
B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital,
Institute of Cancer Research and Treatment,

To study the trend of acute and chronic radiation toxicity following the Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB) treatments of head and neck cancer.

   01/06/2014      On Progress

Peer-Reviewed Journal
Articles Research Publication
and Conference Presentation.

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