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The Histogram Analysis in Radiation Therapy (HART) program is an open source software system developed in MATLAB to support radiation therapy research and cancer-treatment. The computational tool was also found to be useful in pursuing various types of clinical trial studies in the radiotherapy treatments of cancer at various institutions during the past five years. This website is intended to promote our research activities and collaboration opportunities among the medical imaging and radiation oncology communities around the world.


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 Program Description

  The software efficiently reads the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) and Digital Image Communication in Radiation Therapy (DICOM-RT) format of the 3D image based data files in the radiation therapy treatment plans. This information is essential to assess the quality and outcomes of the radiotherapy treatments.

 Currently the program can execute the following operations:
  1. Efficient analysis of cumulative and space-time dose-volume histograms (cDVH and 4D-DVH Statistics).

  2. Empirical Radiobiological-modeling outcome analysis (EROA) modules.

  3. Universal treatment plan indices (UPI) evaluation.

  4. Dose response modeling (DRM) and Physical parameterization (PP) for the organs.

  5. 3D Image Registration and Analysis.
 Additional feature in progress include:
  • Proton-therapy treatment analysis features.
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 Acknowledgements *
  • NIH-NCI, NIH-NIDCD and NMFF grants.

  • Generous donations and charity trusts.